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Our final surge of fundraising to secure our building!

This Token of Gratitude is available in Copper, Silver, or Gold. You can also add an addition amount as an "add-on" feature to your token allowing those who have expressed the desire to pay more for the cause. Buy the silver, receive the copper. Buy the Gold, receive all three!
The size is similar to a US Large Cent (~29mm) and all carry the "Vine & Bar edge as seen on the first US Cent.

  • Minimum price for a copper token is $15. 
  • When you order the 1/2 ounce silver token at $50 minimum, you also receive the copper!
  • If you would like help us in a more substantial way, purchase the 3-piece set which includes a one (1) Troy ounce gold piece as well as the silver and copper strikes. Prices start at $2500 for the three piece set. 

Thank you all for your valiant efforts!

Token of Gratitude - Save the Mint

PriceFrom $15.00
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