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Custom Minting Services

Make your own bullion

Make your own bullion.

  • Pick a design from our selection of dies

  • Provide your own silver

  • Receive a discounted rate for production.

This will include the option of your own name, motto, legend, or other info on a standardized reverse die.
This will be THE most affordable way to create your own coin for your store, business, or personal use. 

See below the green boxes to inquire about

PicKoin Customs

Sample image of a flat pick shape custom minted coin medal commemorative

A complete, pick shaped coining die can be cost prohibitive for smaller orders, so we’ve devised a way that you can issue your own PicKoin.

Shown above is a die insert that can be engraved with your name, message or logo. Pay one time for this insert, and you can have us produce them every year if you wish for no extra set-up charge.

Custom Engraving

Example of a custom engraved charm medallion

Are you only needing a single piece for a loved one, a luck-charm- or a custom statement piece?
We offer Custom Engraved Pendants, Pins, and Pocket Pieces. 
You pick the size, shape, and material that you would like.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you don't see what you need.

Using the following information, please fill out as many sections below as possible in order for us to provide a quote as quickly as possible.

  • Next, you will need to know dimensions. Be as specific as possible. We have some standard sizes available. Without specifics in mind, think in terms of US Coin sizes from smallest to largest. i.e. Dime, Penny, Nickel, Quarter, Half-Dollar, Silver Dollar
    The larger the size, the higher the cost. This is true for the tooling, as well as the finished piece.

  • Please include a description of the design you would like. If you have images available, please submit the highest resolution images possible.
    Including the size of the finished piece, the complexity of design determines the price. Pricing ranges from least expensive, to most expensive as follows.

  1. 2D Lettering

  2. 2D logo with lettering

  3. 2-1/2D with lettering (this is a design with multiple layers, no modeling)

  4. 3D basic modeling (organic shapes in relief)

  5. 3D intermediate modeling (architecture, vehicles, etc.)

  6. 3D portraits (including animals)

  7. 3D portraits of living or personally known individuals

Upload File
  • Next, you will need to determine which materials and quantities you are interested in having the finished piece struck in. We can make multiple pieces in multiple materials with the same die/tool.
    Depending on size, thickness, and/or weight, different metal will vary in cost.
    If all else is equal (size and weight) the follow list of metals (that we work with) is arranged from most affordable to most expensive.

Copper / Pewter / Brass / Sterling Silver (.925) / Fine Silver (.999) / 22K Gold / 24K Gold

Price breaks occur at the follow per piece increments.

(1 - 19) / (20 - 49) / (50 - 99) / (100 +) 

  • Do not let this form limit your imagination! While we certainly have many standard sizes and materials available to satisfy your budget, we are able to look at just about any project you can imagine! We have decades of experience and can look at all different shapes, sizes, designs, motifs, materials, and esthetics. We can make it look ancient or high tech, hand-cut or laser cut, exacting or organic.
    We also can handle packaging, presentation, numbering, even blind drop-shipping.
    This is a START-TO-FINISH operation according to your needs.
    In the space below please elaborate however you would like, in order for us to help you realize your idea to it's full extent. The more detail, the better.

Thanks for submitting!

  • First is deciding what shape you would like? Below is Round, Flat Pick, and Bar

round shape custom coin medal commemorative
flat pick shape custom coin medal commemorative
bar or rectangle shape custom coin medal commemorative
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