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Overstock, Exchanges, Oddities, and Curiosities

Maybe we made too many. Maybe we made the wrong one.
Maybe we thought we were clever and made something for fun.
Maybe we have things to sell that just don't fit anywhere else.
Whatever the case may be...
everything has been checked for quality and value for you, the new owner.

Finger Picks

Please read descriptions carefully. These are finger picks that are already engraved and available at a discount. All picks will be "refreshed" and new prior to delivery.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Art Medals and Jewelry

Medals and Jewelry as overstock or closeout. The product shown in the image is the exact product you receive.

Ron's Magic Mess

Instruments, engravings, odds and ends, direct from Ron's personal collection.

Timothy's Coiner Cache

Hand fabricated collectibles by Timothy Grat, here at Landis Studios. 

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