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This includes a strip that has had the good tokens punched out, and remaining impressions of tokens that were either not complete or out of allignment. Also included is one "Good For" token made from the same dies.

There are two varieties of rolls engraved by Ron Landis.  What we are calling Variety 2 has both "1" and "2" "Good For" engraved in the rolls. This other variety (which we are calling Variety 1), has only a "Good For 1" engraved in repetition.

Quote, Ron Landis,
"Here’s one for my numi-nerd friends. This is a a strip of coins made to demonstrate roller milled coinage. They were rolled on a waterwheel powered rolling mill from hand engraved rolls. This was a method used in Segovia, Spain and Halle, Austria in the 16th century and eliminates the need for a high tonnage screw press. Instead of striking each coin, metal strips are fed through a roller mill fitted with engraved rolls. The finished coins were then cut from the strip in small screw presses. The tokens were given as gifts to children who help me demonstrate how to operate the coin hammer. Nobody ever redeemed any as they chose to keep the tokens as souvenirs.

Roller Milled Coinage

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