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Ron created the type 1 variety in 1988 as a fund raiser to restore the 16th Century Water powered mint in Segovia Spain as a museum of minting technology.  Very few of the type one examples were produced, so Ron altered the dies so it could be used as a fundraiser for the Gallery Mint museum. 


This type 2 medal is Ron’s Last personal piece and is number 011.  Although the medal indicates that 500 were produced, Ron is confident that less than 50 were produced. 


His concept was to create  a medal with three equal sides. Large 5 ounce blanks were first cast and trimmed before re-heating to red hot and striking in a four piece collar. And like a cast medal, there was some hand finishing involved to clean up the seams between the collar sections. 


The edge has eight panels. The first is a banner with weight, purity and edition number. The next panels illustrate the coining process by showing cherubs performing all the steps in coin manufacturing, starting with mining, then casting into ingots, then rolling into strip, then cutting blanks, then weighing and adjusting blanks. Then upsetting and/ or applying lettered edge to planchets and the last panel shows striking in a screw press. 


This is one of the finest examples made by a very young and under-tooled hand engraver. A true labor of love.

Numismatic Arts Medal

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