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Two piece set. Silver planchets. One Matte, one Proof.


We are proud to announce the re-release of our Jefferson fantasy nickels that were first released in 2002 by the Full Step Nickel Club. The first edition was scheduled for a mintage of 1,938 sets struck in silver as two piece sets in Proof and Matte finishes. Only 730 sets were produced and encapsulated by SEGS which left the mintage open for 1,208 additional sets.

The design was Felix Schlag’s winning design in the Jefferson Nickel design competition but was never produced as Mr. Schlag had intended. Instead, the lettering was changed along the the view of Jefferson’s home, Monticello. These fantasy strikes illustrate the Jefferson Nickel the way the artist had originally intended before the Mint made their alterations. The first edition had the initials FSNC 2002 to indicate they were produced under the auspices of the Full Step Nickel Club in 2002. For the Landis Studios editions, those markings were removed, thus making them a more attractive than the original edition.

We don’t plan to complete the mintage with 1,208 more sets, but for now we’re releasing 100 two-piece silver sets along with an extremely low mintage of only 40 pieces struck on genuine U.S. Mint nickel planchets.

We’ve pre-sold about 30 sets already through a special offering to the Jefferson Nickel Collector’s page on Facebook and now offering this to the general public. They come in a standard 2 X 2 flip with insert cards that are signed by the engraver, Ron Landis and numbered. ANACS has agreed to encapsulate these if you want to submit them for grading.

The original price was $38 for the Matte finish and $42 for the proof examples. We’re offering them only as a two piece set for $80. The single, matte finish nickel examples are almost sold out at $95 each. Only ONE ROLL (forty pieces) will be struck on genuine U.S. Nickel planchets and are almost sold out through the initial offering.

Felix Schlag Jefferson - 2 Piece Set

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