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This cancelled reverse die was taken to the point of no return. Cracked, caved in, chipped, smashed and broken. This is what happens when a coining die is taken WAY beyond it abilities. This package includes the one ounce silver piece that was struck at the same time as the demolition. As well as a second strike after the die was devastated.
You can watch a video on our Instagram here:
From Ron:
This was one of the dies I made when I was still learning how to heat treat water hardening steel. I wasn’t getting them hard in the middle, so many of my quarter dollar and dollar dies would start caving in after about 30 strikes. I ended up raising my furnace temperature by 50 degrees to 1550 F and keeping them in for another 30-45 minutes. That did the trick.

Demolished Die & strike - 1796 Draped Bust Dollar repro reverse

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