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Stack your gold in smaller units! 

The price of gold can be a barrier for many collectors and stackers who want interesting specimens at more accessible price points.

While there are other options for fractional gold bullion, nothing else compares in size or style.
At approximately ~18mm (the diameter of a US Dime), this piece gives you the aesthetic pleasure of larger bullion strikes but at a price that doesn't break the bank.

Pay your bills in fractional Gold!

Struck from one gram of 24 karat, pure gold, these specifications make up the major design elements. Furhtermore, the pieces can be cut along the crossed seam to create smaller fractions that will weigh ~1/4 gram each!

Each strike is hand-crafted and will vary slightly in diameter, centering, and overall exacting shape. What is guaranteed is the weight and purity!

We MANUALLY price these based on spot gold price. If there is a dramatic oversight in pricing WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ORDERS. We can't give these away at a loss!

1 Gram Gold Strike - Type 2 (breakaway)

  • Price Reflected In Cart
    Mix and Match with other types for total quantity

    Quantity Discount Pricing
    1-15 $ base price
    16-30 $5.00 discount each
    31+ $10.00 discount each







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