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Although it has the look of a mass produced or  “manufactured” instrument, all my research only came up with two similar guitars that were made by the same maker. This is the only 7- stringer of the three. I believe this is a one of a kind lap steel and built entirely by hand. 


I purchased it on eBay many years ago and was told that it was the “House Steel” at a Chicago Radio station at one time. 


It comes fully adorned with rhinestones and abalone decorations around the border of the plate. Some of the Rhinestones are missing. 


It came with rotted tuner knobs and a six pole pickup that I had replaced  with a 7 pole pickup. Frankly the pickup could be adjusted up closer to the strings for better performance but sounds good as as is. I have it tuned to A6 which works great with a seven sting steel for Western Swing 


This is a very heavy instrument as if it’s made from ironwood or something similar. It has been one of the highlights of my lap steel collection for many years but it’s  time to let someone else enjoy it for a while.  



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Unique 7- String lap Steel

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