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Thumb Picks

  • Thumb picks are not on the website yet. We do not have dies to cut them out or stamp designs in them. So for now, I am making them one at a time. There is an infinite variety of band widths, blade shapes, blade lengths and engraving styles to be able to just order “off the rack” so to speak. There’s not a lot of spring tension in the thick silver bands, so sizing is critical on these picks.  When fit right, They’re extremely comfortable and secure fitting. If not fit right, they can be uncomfortable if not impossible to wear.


    We start with getting a size and selecting a band width. For Dobro or guitar, we recommend a wide band. For banjo and steel guitar, narrow bands seem to work best. Custom engraving is available at extra charge.  The hammered bands is my base model so I can use a heavy blade and hammer the band thinner. Prices start at $125 for thumb picks. Later when we get tooling in place, I’ll have a small variety of styles and sizes that will be less expensive and can be ordered on the website. For now, I make them 100% by hand, one at a time custom tailored to fit.

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