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The year was 1964. Author Ken Kesey had purchased a 1939 International Harvester school bus to carry his “Merry Band of Pranksters” around to “Acid Test” parties which featured music from the Warlocks, later to become known as the Grateful Dead. The bus stopped running in 1969 after returning from Woodstock and was parked in a wooded swamp on Kesey’s farm in Oregon. The subject of Tom Wolfe’s book, “The Electric Kool-ail Acid Test”, the bus named “Furthur” would become a legendary icon of the 60’s counterculture movement. 


Landis Studios has created these medals to commemorate this bus and the times it helped define. The idea started long ago when engraver Ron Landis, sometimes referred to as “The Grandfather of the Modern Hobo Nickel movement” carved an image of Furthur on the “Buffalo” side of a 1930s dated Indian Head Nickel, the traditional host coin of Hobo Nickels. Later, he carved another nickel with a similar “Hippy Bus” but with “FAR OUT” as the destination/name on top. 


Ron ran into a photo of that carving and shared it on Facebook and the response was so overwhelming, he decided to create a silver dollar sized medal that could be offered to all the people who wanted it.  


We’re also offering a set price when paired with our 1965 “Deadhead commemorative coin” and other pairings. Roll prices available.

Also available in 24k pure gold. Price quote on request.


As a strong reminder, this is not affiliated with any official fundraising effort, or organization, to restore the original bus. We remind you that even though we are not adding a mandatory donation you are still free to donate any amount you desire to that organization.

As with all precious metal products, commodity markets leave our pricing subject to change!


Most orders ship within two(2) days, however, with the intial release , please expect 7-10 business days for shipping.

The 1964 Furthur/Freedom Medal

PriceFrom $30.00
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