If you're headed to Atlantis in your submarine, for a weekend shopping getaway, be sure you bring correct change!


Each of these Fine Silver Octopus Art Medals is a different shape according to its specified and stated weight. Hammered texture field on the obverse, with forged interlocking gears on the reverse. The three (3) ounce bar has a numbering pad, setting it apart as the high denomination.


Before hot striking each medal, each blank is hand-forged to shape. This means that each medal will be unique and carry the quirks and characteristics of ancient style coining methods.

Counter-stamped with various hallmarks at the artist's pleasure.


  • One (1) Ounce Troy - round as a sea urchin
  • Two (2) Ounce Troy - sea tumbled diamond
  • Three (3) Ounce Troy - heavy sandbar


Also, discounted as a three piece set!

Steampunk Octopuses