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  • Available in the Spansih or English Variety (or both)
  • ~30mm diameter
  • 1/2 Ounce Troy Fine Silver
  • Hot Struck - this means that these pieces have the diagnostics/esthetics of this process i.e. slightly off center, not perfectly round, heavily die flow lines, minor discolorations. We do not post-process these in any way. They are, as they come off the dies.

This is a silver piece Ron created as a fund raiser for the restoration of the 16th century water wheel powered mint of Segovia, Spain. It was made in 1988, long before Facebook, etc, so very few were sold. I recently had a request for one from a collector of Segovia Mint coinage which prompted me to find the dies.

The Segovia Mint has since been totally restored to its original glory. Unfortunately, it's a still life exhibit as opposed to the living history museum that was my original vision. They did use my original plans apparently but I have not been able to see it for myself.

Segovia Medal - 1/2 ounce Troy Fine Silver

Made to order
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