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Signs, Seal, Signets, and Sweet Nothings!


  1. Pick Shape and Metal
    • flat pick, large rounds, small rounds
    • pewter, copper, brass, two-Tone (nickel plated brass), sterling silver
    • not all shape and metal combos are avialable, two-tone only available as 1 inch round
    • GOLD avaialable upon request
  2. Decide on Pendant, Pin Back, or Pocket Piece
    • Pendants come with jump ring and black cord
    • Pin Backs for wearing on clothing, bags, or display
    • Pocket Pieces for everyday carry reminders
  3. Decide on engraving
    • pricing determined by length and/or complexity
    • specific designs and logos within reason! 
    • It is best to allow the professional engraver to design and execute layout outside specific logos
    • Unless stated otherwise by the customer, all designs a composed with flourishes and added design elements at the engravers pleasure. 
    • Unless stated otherwise by the customer, all type faces are expressed by the engraver, including classical script! 
  4. Payment, Processing, and Shipment
    • Each piece is hand-engraved by Ron Landis, and as such is given the time and care it deserves
    • please allow ONE WEEK before panic sets in 


We would prefer to quote and invoice for any custom designs. Please conact us with any design you feel warrants a different price than the pay schedule is determining. MANY of the more simple designs can be achieved without the "CUSTOM LOGO" rate. We have to work within the constraints of the webtools and it doesn't capture all the possibilities!

For all questions, designs, pricing etc. please send inquiry to :

Custom Engraved Pendants, Pins, and Pocket Pieces

PriceFrom $35.00
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