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This is a complete eight piece set of reproductions created by Gallery Mint.

It includes the mandatory COPY stamps on obverse and reverse sides so that both side of all eight pieces can be displayed "clean side up"

These are not restrikes, but rather pieces that Ron Landis stashed in his hidey hole many years ago in anticipation to sell them in his retirement. He's since decided to work until they haul him away in a straight jacket or in a box, whichever comes first.

In any case, that means he's ready to let these loose to a whole new audience that weren't around when these were first issued in the early 1990s. The Chain Cent was Ron's first attempt at a full reproduction after gaining much interest from his 1794/1994 Bicentennial silver dollar.

Gallery Mint's goal was not to just knock off classic coin designs, but rather replicate them using the same methods and technology that was used to create the original coins in 1793. That included making a hand operated edge mill and learning how to make dies to impart lettered edges and "Vine & Bar" edge motif on these early coppers.
These brilliant set consists of the following pieces:
1) 1793 Half Cent Obverse "COPY" stamp

2) 1793 Half Cent Reverse "COPY" stamp

3) 1793 Chain Cent Obverse "COPY" stamp

4) 1793 Chain Cent Reverse "COPY" stamp
5) 1793 Wreath Cent Obverse "COPY" stamp

6) 1793 Wreath Cent Reverse "COPY" stamp
7) 1793 Large Cent Obverse "COPY" stamp

8) 1793 Large Cent Reverse "COPY" stamp

Complete 8 piece 1793 Gallery Mint copper reproduction set

Only 1 left in stock
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