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Try a pair of Landis Picks RISK FREE – If you are looking for full custom engraving, please try a stock design pick BEFORE ordering engraving. We will refund the stock version towards your custom upgrade. Simple monograms and devices are considered "stock" items, and are 100% guaranteed and refundable.


The new Classic Shield picks are only available with Classic blade style.

The new shield is larger and can accommodate larger monograms and design elements. 

And if you need shorter bands, these can be adjusted without cutting into the ornamental work that Landis picks are known for.

Of course, the new style also features our Patent Pending “Death Grip” liners that is a series of raised barbs that eliminate slipping and delivers a solid feel to the player.

Add $20 for standard two initials, or $40 for deluxe engraving such as raised single initials, three letter monograms, etc. More elaborate custom engraving and full custom bands available on request at a wide price range. 22k Gold picks are also available on request.

Shield - Classic Blade

PriceFrom $38.00
  • FAQ

    1. Is there sizing required on the standard finger picks or are they adjustable?
    If your ‘regular’ picks normally overlap, you should have the bands cut shorter. The inner teeth work the best when they make full contact all the way around. We’ll be happy to work with you on sizing matters if you can describe how much shorter you need. This is done at no extra charge. It works the best on the Death Grip style since the bands are plain at the ends. The shield style may cut into the ornamental work if they’re shortened too much.

    As far as adjustability, keep in mind that only the blades are twice as thick as ‘regular’ picks. The bands are fairly thick too, but have been thinned enough to be adjustable. Before final shaping, the picks are annealed to make them more pliable for shaping and to reduce metal fatigue which extends the life of the picks.

    2. What about sizing on the thumb picks?

    To measure your thumb, use a bread tie and wrap around your thumb between your cuticle and knuckle. Snug but not tight. Then, just cut and measure. We’ll size it close enough so that you can make final adjustments yourself. Ideally they can be fit so precisely that the gripper teeth have even contact all around the thumb and they will stay in place without being uncomfortably tight.

    DON'T GO CRAZY WORRYING ABOUT DECIMAL PLACES! Close enough for government work will be just fine!

    3. Is there a difference between nickel and silver other than the appearance?
    Without enough nickel picks ordered we had to discontinue them as a regular item.

    You are welcome to send us an email and request them. With the singular nature of making them to order they will be the same price as a sterling set.

    4. What are the differences in blade shapes?
    The three blade shapes available are the Landis, the Classic, the Claw.

    • The Landis - the hemispherical shape compensates for any angle of attack

    • The Classic - traditional narrow blade similar to most available finger picks

    • The Claw - Fine tuned pointed tip 

    5. Can I twist the blade to adjust for my angle of attack?
    The unique blade shape automatically compensates for any angle of attack. No need for angled or twisted blades since the hemispherical ends will provide the same radius coming off the string no matter what angle of attack.

    6. Silver is very soft. Will they wear out quickly?
    The blades are twice as thick as ‘regular’ picks off the rack. One player who is a two time National Banjo Champion has been playing them for a few years now and showed me his picks recently. Although he’s never polished them, they actually look better now from the many, many hours he plays. The burnishing action of the strings kept the blades bright and shiny with no flat spots on the ends.

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