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ACCU-PICK - These ‘Accu-Pick’ coiled design thumb picks are a one-size-fits-all pick that can be twisted tighter for smaller thumb sizes or opened up for larger sizes. The unique wrap-around feature totally eliminates the possibility of hooking strings and stays tight.The thick but narrow blade deliver a solid feel and a warm tone especially suited for banjo and steel guitar.Patent Pending ‘Death Grip’ inner linter along with the tightening action of the coil design keeps them very secure despite their delicate appearance. The sterling silver blades can be reeled in or out when fitting to any desired length. Thick silver blades will hold up well and delivers a warm tone and very solid feel. A very versatile pick that is fully adjustable.


  • Classic - intended to match our "Shield" variety finger picks.



Accu-Pick Classic Scroll

  • Left oir Right, let us know in the notes above!

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