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Pick shaped ‘coins’ struck with custom logos and text

Generic Image of a sample flat pick shaped custom minted medal coin commemorative
  • Festivals

  • Venues

  • Band merch

  • Music Camps, etc.

  • Personal Tokens

Sample insert of a PicKoin die

Available in various forms:

Sample finished die struck flat pick coin medal commemorative PicKoin
  • Pendants

  • Pins

  • Pocket pieces

  • Key Rings

Sample struck PicKoin coin medal commemorative

Struck in your choice of metal:

Colors of available metal

We’re accepting orders for the Winfield 51st Anniversary PicKoin.

Have a die insert made for your camp!

A complete, pick shaped coining die can be cost prohibitive for smaller orders, so we’ve devised a way that you can issue your own camp pick that can be paired with our Winfield commemorative PicKoin.

Shown above is a die insert that can be engraved with your camp name, message or logo. Pay one time for this insert, and you can have us produce them every year if you wish for no extra set-up charge.


For an extra charge, you may want to issue your own "full face" PicKoin for your festival or Band, etc. A full pick-shaped die can be created so you can use the entire surface for your logo or text.

Have them struck single sided, or even have a die insert made for special events. Fans will be able to collect them at various concerts with different dates and venues struck into the back side, for example.

Or, for quite a bit less cost, just have one insert made with your Band name and have them struck single sided. They make great pins.

- Art Requirements -

All art and text is subject to the final approval of the engraver. This ensures that the final pieces are able to be manufactured properly, are legible, and executed attractively. If you require a specific logo or type-face, we are happy to execute this as accurately as possible...if possible.

Ron Landis has been a professional engraver for over 40 years. His artistic talent for his craft, including style and layout, should be trusted and not complicated by "committee".

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